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Let's enter a world of sugar. Sugar always helps the medicine go down.

We have sweet teeth, usually it leads to us having fewer teeth. We consume about 24 kilos of sugar each year, more in wealthy countries. During the 100 years from 1800 to 1900 sugar moved from a luxury to a necessity.

Sugarcane production expanded drastically during this time and included millions of slaves.

Honey was our sweetener before all this excitement over sugar. Our sweet tooth has long played a part in our lives. We even call our sweethearts, Sugar and Honey.

People have noticed this trend. People have made money from this trend.

Wars have been waged using cups of sugar.

One man's sugar, another's poison.

Sugar is said to have unhealthy effects.

Teeth are the only fully proven victims of sugar consumption, you should have zero sugar if you want healthy teeth.

You can read more here, plenty of helpful links...

Sugary drinks can do more than rot your teeth though.

A cup of sugary soda can make old coins sparkling new!

Cleaning toilets too!

It's recommended not to use the high sugar soft drinks for cleaning toilets because bacteria like sugars.

These drinks probably give our insides a good cleaning out too.  Yum!

Sugar possibly has an addictive effect, but we can get addicted to anything, especially as children when we are still developing tastes and have a tendency to like sweet things.

For those of you with children, cast your mind back to feeding time and how our children can be a little fractious over finishing a meal, but would love dessert.


Coca Cola boss chats to Paxman.

How sweet war is.

Let's imagine a fictional world.

A world where a gigantic corporation controls people through a drink.

A heavily sugared drink, to help the medicine go down.

The real ingredients kept a closely guarded secret.

Everyone needs to drink, it makes sense to seek to control an everyday need if you want to control people.

Food could work too, but drink is more necessary and more easily crosses cultural boundaries.

Food would work if people would accept a uniform mush as a food.  Perhaps if it was heavily sugared and had a high fat content, it might work.

Back to our fiction.

Even with a heavily sugared drink, people are very forgetful, so to win this war would need a battle of hearts and minds, of constant repetition and exposure of their product.

Then leveraging their advantage the company would buy out competitors and shut them down.

Luckily this is a fictional scenario.

In the real world companies like Coca Cola have responsible marketing polices to control any subterranean urges.

The following link might give an idea of Coca Colas policy on trade unions...


Coke bottle lenses distorting.

Coca Cola doesn't have a normal view of the world now.

They have no competition.

In Scotland they have one competitor called Irn-Bru.

In South Australia there is one competitor called Farmer's Union Iced Coffee.

But that's about it.

On top of their soft drink, Coca Cola has 500 other products.  Usually localised drinks that stick with the Coke theme.

Given this lack of competition Coca Cola has redrawn the battlefield and simplified what they do.

They consider themselves hydrators, and they want to be 100% of the liquid going down the throats of people everywhere.

Share of throat they call it.

So even with their extraordinary market dominance Coca Cola wants to double their market in the next ten years.

This singular vision shows what corporations are good at.  Being inhuman, gently eroding values away until everyone working there will do their job and bring in more profits.  Even if there is no need to.

Coca Cola has political power, and due to its concentrated power, probably has more influence than most countries.

Their power and their fractured vision means Coca Cola will decide what we drink.  It's inevitable.

How do we get Coca Cola not to teach the world to drink?



The fake conspiracy.

Coca Cola is the world's best and biggest brand.

Coca Cola is part of the bedrock of Warren Buffet's financial empire.

Coca Cola is named from one of the initial ingredients.  Cocaine.

Coca Cola has 500 products and operates in 200 countries.

Coca Cola is sometimes accused of bully boy tactics, buying out smaller competitors and deleting competing product lines.

But that's just business.  Everyone would use the advantage of size if they were in the same position.

Coca Cola is a corporation.  It's no conspiracy that Coca Cola behaves like any other corporation.

It's a fake conspiracy that Coca Cola drives out competition and dominates supermarkets so much that they have a complete aisle of Coca Cola products in every store.

That's just normal corporate practice.

If you want a real conspiracy, you have to use history and imagination.

Coca Cola has a history of drugs in their products.  Cocaine.

Cigarette companies do aim to make their products more addictive.

I don't see why Coca Cola wouldn't want that addiction, it's great for sales.

And with a super sweet product anything can be made palatable.

Imagine that.  Imagine the power!

Not understanding?

What if you could spike your customers drinks with a range of behaviour altering drugs?

Maybe you want customers to be thirsty after drinking?

Maybe you want them to be more compliant?

Maybe you want them to have fewer children?

Now we are starting to wander into the realm of imagination.  A dictator's imagination.

Not that Coca Cola would care about dictators, they are too powerful for that.

But Coca Cola is probably a patriotic corporation.  It is after all run by people. 

Perhaps the US government would like to have a more docile population, Coca Cola could help out there.  Maybe slip a little medicine into the sugar.  Maybe help other countries out with a little birth control perhaps.

Perhaps there could be fascinating combinations of diet, such as drugs in Coca Cola interacting with drugs in McDonalds burgers in a wonderfully pleasant way which is profitable for both companies.

Meanwhile with a government agency, the NSA, trying to reassure us, that yes, they do control all landline telephony, but they still don't control and record all of mobile telephony, because mobiles are more difficult but give awesome extra information such as the user's patterns of movement.

The NSA merely control some thirty percent, or so, of mobile telephony.  Which I find cheerfully reassuring.

But it is that NSA history which leads me to think that a Colaspiracy might be more real than we imagine.

How honest do you think people are to Coca Cola?  I mean our politicians and so on, that want Coca Cola's money for various reasons.

I doubt Coca Cola hears many honest words in a day.  But that's always the way, the sugary words of sycophants lead tyrants into madness.  History shows us that.

Corporations love controlling information.  Six of them own thousands of media outlets.

Corporations have been known to vigorously defend selling poisons.  Tobacco for instance.

Governments love controlling information, it's how the word propaganda was invented.

Governments do put stuff into the water.  It's good for us.  Fluoride.

The USA found a use for a universal information network, and gave it to the NSA.

Perhaps this one government found a use for the universal drink.  Perhaps someone sold them on a sweet deal.

This is merely a Colaspiracy.

Don't worry about it, it's not...

The Real Thing.





Same guy, different stuff.

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We are all unionists. Every single solitary individual one of us.
War is conflict between nations. Wars have many causes, but the strongest cause is wealth. Oil is an example. Food is becoming one.
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Fargy on 02/11/2014

A blast of sugar granules to the face could be the next botox!

VioletteRose on 02/11/2014

Interesting, it is said that sugar can be used to exfoliate skin too!

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