Dinosaur TV Shows for Kids

by TerriRexson

Are you looking for Dinosaur TV Shows for Kids? This guide will take you through the best kids TV shows that feature dinosaurs including Dino Dan, Dinosaur Train and more.

Shows for Kids who Love Dinosaurs

Do you know a child who loves dinosaurs? I do! I have a toddler and a preschooler boy and both are dinosaur mad. On this page we'll share our favorite dinosaur TV shows for kids. Hopefully you'll find a new show to watch or get a gift idea for a young dinosaur fan. 

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Dinosaur Train

Age: Toddlers, Preschoolers and Little Kids

Dinosaur Train is one of my boys' favorite TV shows. I have a toddler and a preschooler and they both get lots from the show. Buddy the T-Rex is the star of the show, he lives with the Pteranodon family. 

Buddy is a curious dinosaur and loves to find out about his ancestors and apply scientific thinking to problems. The show is bright, fun and educational. There's an information spot in the show from Dr Scott, a real dinosaur paleontologist. Oh and the music is brilliant! 

My preschooler son loves all the dinosaur facts and loves to help Buddy to prove his hypotheses. How cool to have a kids show that uses the word hypothesis regularly. 

Dinosaur Train is a PBS kids show from the Henson Company (you know the folks that did the Muppets) and Lisa Henson has been very involved in the production of Dinosaur Train. 

The show has been well-designed so that it appeals to girls as well as boys. One of the main characters is Tiny the girl Pteranodon. 

Dinosaur Train Trailer

Dinosaur Train: Pteranodon Family Adventures

DVD, 2011
Dinosaur Train Pteranodon Family Adventures
$7.99  $2.0

Dino Dan

Age 4+

Dino Dan is a 10 year old kid who sees dinosaurs everywhere he goes - at home, in the classroom, in the park. We get to see the dinosaurs too and they are amazing - vibrant colored dinosaurs with realistic details feature in every episode. 

Dino Dan is Dan Henderson and his life revolves around dinosaurs. Dan is a paleontologist in training and loves to learn more about dinosaurs. He keeps a field journal and writes down what he learns about dinosaurs. Dan uses scientific observation and analysis to derive facts about dinosaurs and how they behave. This is another great show for encouraging kids who have an interest in science.

Dino Dan wears a utility vest to keep all his field tools in. Fans of the show will love to dress up in a Dino Dan Costume and be a paleontologist in training. 

Dino Dan Trailer

Dino Dan on Amazon On Demand

Dino Trackers/T-Rex Bedtime

The Great Dinosaur Rescue

Go Diego Go! - The Great Dinosaur Rescue
Only $19.45

Go Diego Go

My boys love the Go Diego Go TV series, they love wild animals just as much as dinosaurs and Deigo is usually about wild animals. But sometimes Diego helps out dinosaurs too!

We love Diego's Great Dinosaur Rescue. This is a brilliant DVD to get for toddlers and preschoolers. It's full of interaction. My boys are always up on their feet for the whole feature-length episode. They shout answers at the TV, sing along with the songs and join in with the actions. Great fun. 

Wonder Pets

The Wonder Pets have a dinosaur themed episode called Wonder Pets Save the Dinosaur it's the headline episode on one of their DVDs. 

The Wonder Pets travel back in time and rescue a dinosaur who has got stuck between some rocks. This episode teaches kids that slippery stuff like oil can but used to help unstick things that are stuck.

Wonder Pets - Save the Dinosaur

Wonder Pets - Save the Dinosaur
$12.34  $8.35

Dinosaur King

Older Kids

Dinosaur King stars three kids: Max, Zoe and Rex who discover dinosaur cards that can be placed in a dino holder to make real dinosaurs appear. Each kids has their own dinosaur. 

The kids travel around the world using their dinosaurs to beat the evil Alpha Gang and their dinosaurs. 

The show is full of dinosaur facts and is big on action. It comes from the Japanese Manga and game card collecting culture. The dinosaurs are impressive and introduce kids to less well known dinosaurs like Carnotaurus, and also to interesting places around the world. My kids have come to recognise famous landmarks from watching Dinosaur King. 

Dinosaur King is better suited to older children as the kids are preteens with attitude. We bought the DVDs without realizing this and they are very good. Our boys absolutely love them, but I could do without the attitude! 

Dinosaur King Trailer

Dinosaur King: The Adventure Begins

Dinosaur King: The Adventure Begins
Shout! Factory
Only $7.93


And of course we shouldn't forget the big purple guy, it's Barney the Dinosaur. Barney is a big favorite with little kids. 

Barney has been a kids TV favorite for many years, teaching generations of kids to sing, dance and learn about the world. 

The Best of Barney

Barney: The Best of Barney
Lionsgate / HIT Entertainment
$9.95  $4.99

Best Dinosaur TV Show for Kids

Which is your favorite?

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Troy Chadwick on 03/02/2016

Love this list. Every kid will love them. So I recommend these shows for every child.

Darcie on 08/22/2011

Lots of fun! Thanks for posting these dinosaur tv shows for kids :)

WordCustard on 07/18/2011

Rawr! Kids (especially little boys) and dinosaurs just go together, don't they?

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