Nature Party Supplies and Ideas

by TerriRexson

My collection of the best nature party supplies and ideas for an outdoors themed birthday party. Great for kids who like trees, mud and bugs!

Nature is a great theme for a birthday party or other kids' event. Kids love to get outdoors.

This theme works well for all ages of child from toddlers and preschoolers through to big kids and tweens.

Everyone loves mud and bugs! It's a fun party theme for boys and girls - though some girls will prefer butterflies and ladybugs to worms and beetles!

Planning a Nature Birthday Party

On this page I've put together my favorite ideas for hosting a nature-themed kids party including party supplies, favors and game and activity ideas. 

It's possible to get outside for at least party of the party in most weather conditions. Ask your guests to wear rain boots and outdoor clothing, and sunscreen and hat if needed. If you plan to come back indoors after a nature walk then make sure you have a plan for where all the muddy boots will go. (I'm speaking from experience here and a very muddy floor!)

You can take the guests out in your backyard, or for a local walk if you're lucky enough to live in a rural area, or you could hold the party at at outdoor venue.

You can get organized parties that involve a park ranger, or if you know a bit about nature, or are willing to learn, then you can run the activities yourself. 

Nature Party Invitations

Nature Birthday Invitations

First we're going to need to invite the guests. These nature and woodland-themed birthday party invitations can be customized on line with the details of the birthday child and where and when the party will be held. 

Let's Go Camping Deluxe Party Pack Let's Go Camping Deluxe Party Pack

This cute Let's Go Camping party design works well for tableware for a nature-themed party. 

The colors definitely remind you of nature, leaves and trees and sky.

And camping in the forest is a great way to enjoy nature. Older kids would love it if the party did involve camping in the forest!

But you could just pretend!

Camo Gear Basic Party Pack Camo Gear Basic Party Pack

Another option for a nature or outdoors-themed part is camouflage design party supplies.

People dress up in camouflage gear to observe animals without being spotted. My older son loves nature and is fascinated with camouflage.

Just make sure you mix in other nature themed items so it's clear the theme is nature-watching, not any of the other uses for camo gear. 

Create an Animal-Watching Hide with a Camouflage Net

A camouflage net is a fun way to decorate for a nature party. If your party is mostly outdoors then you can use the camouflage net to create an outdoor animal watching hide at your main location. Kids love any kind of play structure they can get into or under. 

If you're indoors then you can still create a hide - we did this for my son's safari party and it worked really well. And he got the camouflage net as a birthday gift so he can create hides whenever he wants to.

A cardboard house, castle, rocket or other playhouse is great fun for a kids party or other event. Get ideas to make your own cardboard playhouse or choose a kit.

Frog Pinata

Frog Pinata


Frog Pinata

This frog pinata will look very cool at your nature party! He's too good to hide away until the end of the party.

Put him on display somewhere for the indoor part the party.

Or you could pop him in a tree if you'll be staying outside the whole time. Just make sure the kids can't get to him until you're ready for the finale.

Nature Watcher Binoculars

Black Binoculars (8) Black Binoculars (8)

Giving out a dress up item to the kids as they arrive at the party works well and gets them into the party theme quickly. 

For a nature party, binoculars are a fun item to hand out. These party favor binoculars are inexpensive but do offer a little magnification. 

Note that there are lots of cheap party binoculars around that aren't very good. I've picked these ones because they get good reviews compared to some of the more expensive ones. 


Frog Cupcake Picks

Puffy Frog Cupcake Picks - 12ct
$2.78  $1.99

Make Frog Pond Cupcakes

These cute frog cupcake picks will definitely appeal to kids who love nature!

You can decorate cupcakes with blue frosting and maybe add a green fondant lilypad and pop a green frog cupcake pick in to top them off. 

Of course it's not just cupcakes you can use these frog picks on. Pop them into filled bread roll or a savory snack to tie them in with the theme. 

Make Fondant or Chocolate Leaves

We have this leaf mold and they're great fun. (Photos coming next time we use it.) 

It works really well with chocolate so you can make chocolate leaves to decorate and cake or cupcake or just as treats. Try white chocolate and food coloring to get different colored leaves. 

You can also use it with fondant or marzipan and food coloring to create pretty leaves. 

Bug Muffins or Cupcakes

This Nordic Ware Platinum Backyard Bugs Pan is a good way to make some cool nature-themed party food. 

You could use it to make a whole pile of bugs instead of a single birthday cake - it can be easier to pop individual cakes into a party bag. 

Or if you're low on ideas for savory food why not make savory muffins. Try cheese and a bit of pureed spinach for some amazing green muffins that will fit right in with the nature theme!

Nordic Ware Platinum Backyard Bugs Pan

Nordic Ware Platinum Backyard Bugs Pan
$37.99  $35.95

Put Food Safe Leaves on Plates

You can use these food-safe parchment leaves like doilies under party food to create a nature theme. This is a handy standby for making generic party food fit with the nature theme. 

You could just get plain solid color party plates and pop a leaf on each one for some very cool party plates that kids will really like. 

Who doesn't want to eat off a leaf!

A few more Nature Party Food Ideas

  • Make Cheese Straw snails. Roll up strips of flaky pastry into a spiral and shape to give a head and tail. 
  • Serve Twiglets. These are a British snack flavored with yeast extract that looks like twigs. 
  • Make sandwiches or savory biscuits using nature themed cookie cutters.
  • Add wooden food picks to food like pizza squares and chunks of cheese. Nice wooden food picks work well on their own, or you could print out nature-themed pictures to use as flags.
  • Serve melted chocolate mud with fruit (preferably local) and insect-shaped butter cookies to dip in it. 
  • Create a jello swap and bury gummy worms in it. 

Nature Trail Hunt

Kids love looking for stuff and finding it! Give the kids a 'log book' - it can be just a folded sheet of paper with a list of nature items to spot and tick off. 

If the weather is good to you and you can take the kids outdoors, either in your back yard, on a walk or even to a local park or forest center, then that's ideal. If you're indoors then you can still do this activity by printing pictures of the items. 

Ideas: worm, leaf (for older kids pick a few different local varieties), beetle, y-shaped stick, slug, moss, ladybug, acorn, animal footprint, rabbit hole, etc. 

You can take some small prizes to give out either to the child that spots an item first, or to all the kids when all the items have been found. 

Twig pencils are perfectly for ticking off items on a nature-themed treasure hunt. 

Make a Nature Collage

Stop outdoors somewhere, or do this in the backyard. You can adapt the activity for indoors too if you need to. 

Find an area where the kids can work together to make a collage from things they find around them like sticks, leaves, stones and pinecones (may sure they know not to harm any plants or wildlife.)

You could spell out the birthday child's name, create a woodland animal like an owl, or maybe a big tree. 

When the sculpture is finished take a photo of the collage and the kids with their artwork (you can send a photo with the thankyou notes.)

Leaf or Bark Rubbing

Take paper and crayons and let the kids create rubbings of things with interesting textures like leaves and tree bark. 

If you can't get outside or need a backup plan in case of bad weather then these insect rubbing plates are fun. They can also be used with modeling clay to create casts. 

They come in other designs too including animal tracks, leaves and flowers. 

Rubbing Plates - True Insects

$15.99  $12.59

Nature Talk

A short nature talk by an expert can be fun if they're used to talking to children. This could be one of the parents or a local park ranger. 

Another option is to show a short nature video for the kids to watch and learn something cool. 

You could brush up on some nature facts before the party and impress the kids!

Nature Party Favors

Nature Rubbing Plates

These leaf rubbing plates are great as party favors. They come in a pack of 16 so you can either give a couple of them or keep some back for the birthday child to enjoy. 

This is much more useful and high quality than usual party favors but no more expensive. Add a colored crayon or a small pack if you like. 

Leaf Rubbing Plates

Leaf Rubbing Plates
$14.92  $12.59

Bug Party Favors

Safari Ltd Insects Toob
$14.73  $7.0
Sunny Patch Bag of Bugs by Melissa & ...
$9.99  $7.99

Small toy bugs work well as a party favor from a nature party. The brightly colored Melissa & Doug bugs are good for younger children while older kids will enjoy the more realistic bugs in the Safari Insects Toob. 

Wildlife-themed Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos make a fun party favor to send the kids home with after a nature-themed birthday party. You could apply them as the kids leave the party or pop them in their party bag or box. 

Millipede Lollipop Suckers

Millipede Lollipop Suckers (1 dz)

Bug Candy

You can easily find bug-themed candy and chocolate. 

I like these brightly colored millipede suckers. Just the right combination of fun and slightly gross that kids will enjoy. 

More Nature Party Favors

Also check for nature party favors on eBay. You can often find tubs of plastic bugs, nature stickers, pencils, bug-themed candy and other small gifts. 

How About Snake Party Favors?

Snake party favors for a snake themed party. Snakes work well for nature, safari and reptile themed parties.

Do you need a birthday gift for a child who loves nature?

Lots of gift ideas for kids who love nature. If you know a child who loves animals and being outdoors, you'll find a great gift for them here.

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very pretty!!! Yours collection is very pretty & my baby's also enjoy this type of party themed

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Where's the party? I'm ready. This sounds so fun! Would be a great homeschool coop idea to wrap up the year.
Nordic Ware has the coolest pans, don't they? I'm always amazed at them.

Shaz on 01/17/2012

What a great idea, I'm going to pass on this info to my daughter for the next kids party she needs to organize. Thanks!

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The frog pinata looks like great fun for a Nature Party.

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