Throw Pillows for a Leather Sofa

by SusanM

Throw pillows that work beautifully with any classic cream or brown leather sofa

Leather sofas are a beautiful addition to any home, They have a classic style that never goes out of fashion. They also have the beautiful coloring of natural leather that you can't get in other fabrics.

You can create a fabulous decorating effect if you can find pillows that highlight these natural colors of leather. But you might not realize how many different styles you have to choose from that can show off your leather sofa.

Natural Throw Pillow Designs

Brown Seashells Throw Pillow

The gorgeous shapes of seashells work well in their natural colors or in a single color - like this brown toned throw pillow. The shapes and shades in each shell give make this pillow more interesting than an ordinary brown pillow. While the brown coloring acts to highlight the brown tones of a leather sofa. 

The different shades of brown in this pillow are good to match with leather sofas that are cream colored or any shade of brown - light or dark. This makes this a very versatile throw pillow to use on a leather sofa.

Grunge Seashells Throw Pillow

This bolder look seashell pillow is also good for any creams or brown colored sofa. 

The slight grunge look of this pillow makes for a strong decor accent while the natural colors give it a nice feel of tradition. The use of a single seashell helps the design stand out as something different too (the other seashell design looks more relaxed with its scattering of shells). 

This is a pillow that would work well as an accent with other cream or brown pillows if you want to balance out the bold, grunge look a little. It will also work as a feature by having a few of these pillows on your sofa.

Overall it's a nice pillow choice because it's a mix of the classic and modern.

Butterfly Throw Pillow

If you love the gracefulness and beauty of butterflies this Monarch butterfly pillow might be the one for you. Out of all the butterfly pillows I saw I thought this one was the best to match a leather sofa.

The brown colors in the butterfly are an obvious match for a brown leather sofa. But the warm colors of the flower - the yellows, oranges and reds will bring out any warmer tones in the leather. These warmer colors in this pillow will also add an extra feeling of warmth and comfort to an entire room.

Flowers Throw Pillow

The warmth of yellow and brown is also seen in this throw pillow.

I thought this floral pillow was a great choice for a leather sofa because of the browns at the flowers' centers. This will tie the pillow in beautifully with a brown leather sofa. 

The yellow in this pillow adds brightness as well as warmth and a splash of color. The yellow and brown mix also increases the types of leather sofas this pillow will match. It will work well with light to dark colors and formal to relaxed sofa styles.

Artistic Throw Pillows for Leather Sofas

Fall Fairy Throw Pillow

This fairy throw pillow makes a nice choice if you have kids at home who love fairies. The colors in this throw pillow will match a leather sofa beautifully. But it will also make the room inviting and fun for your kids. 

A pillow design like this makes a room more relaxed and less formal too. This can give a more formal leather sofa a softer and more inviting feel. This can be good even if you don't have kids in the house. So it's a nice choice for anyone who likes magic and fairies.

Giraffe Print Throw Pillow

Animal prints are another nice choice for a leather sofa. You can get lots of different patterns, styles and colors in these that will work too. Most of the animal prints have some brown in them so that makes it easy.

I decided to feature this giraffe print pattern pillow because I love the simple but eye-catching design. It's also a medium toned brown color that's been lightened by the white between the spots. This means it won't make a darker leather sofa look too dark. It will also look good on a lighter colored leather sofa.

Leather Graphics Throw Pillow

I especially searched for a leather look pillow for those who want to match a leather look pillow with their leather sofa. 

This pillow is a most interesting design. It's antique looking and has beautiful shades of brown in it.  This means it would look really beautiful on a sofa that's a shade of brown similar to one of the colors in this pillow. 

The pattern itself has lots of detail. This gives it depth and character. It also has a more formal look than the other throw pillows so it's an excellent choice if you'd like to highlight or create a formal feel.

Chocolate Bar Throw Pillow

This is a fun style throw pillow that you may never have connected with a leather sofa. But this Chocolate Bar Throw Pillow would go really well I think.

It's brown colors will of course match a brown or lighter colored leather sofa. While the simple design does give it a classic look even though it's a fun topic - chocolate. 

So if you're a chocoholic or just want to relax the mood of a room in a fun way this is a really creative choice. It's also an easy way to include a "conversation starter" because it's unusual design will encourage chats about chocolate, decorating and the pillow itself.

Birds and Cats Throw Pillow

This is a lovely pillow that has a soft look. It adds color to a leather sofa without clashing with it.

The shades of brown as well as the specific shades of red and yellow chosen by the designer will look good on a dark or light leather sofa - in either brown or cream colors. 

The animal and bird pattern gives a nice relaxed feel to a home too. Yet this pillow still has a classic feel to it's design. Actually it reminds me of a traditional home-made tapestry pattern. So this will certainly soften the formal feel of any sofa without looking out of place in a more formal room.

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