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Menopause - My Story and More
This is very informative...all women should read this. I have found a lot of it just by trial and error. I have a stint in my heart...the blockage happened within five years can happen so quickly...from one check up until the next. It ...
SidewalkPhilosopher, on 06/04/2011
Adding Value: Commenting on Wizzley Content
Hi nightbear - thanks for your comments. When I talk about adding value, it is not only about branding, it is also about building the author's confidence and self-esteem as well as adding further insights for other readers. So value-adding is ...
ronpass, on 06/04/2011
Cell Phone Towers That Look Like Trees
What a unique topic! :)
chefkeem, on 06/04/2011
Recipe for Buckwheat-Blueberry Breakfast Pudding
It looks daughter and granddaughter love blueberries!
SidewalkPhilosopher, on 06/04/2011
Practice Photography in your own Back Yard
Beautiful photos, Mary Beth! I agree with you, often our back yard is the best place to photograph as we "think" we know it so well. Behind the camera, we can see things in a whole new way. I used to use an old 5X7 view camera when I was young ...
sheilamarie, on 06/04/2011
Metal Clay: Information and Tutorials
Your jewelry is gorgeous!
Christene, on 06/04/2011
Adding Value: Commenting on Wizzley Content
So are you saying it is actually better not to comment if you don't think you can add any value? I sometimes comment more for the building up of the person and to show my support, but I don't necessarily agree with or have much to add to the ...
nightbear, on 06/04/2011
Easy link building with blog comments
As long as everything remains relevant it works to comment on blogs. And the higher the PR of that blog the better the backlink. thanks
nightbear, on 06/04/2011
Homeschooling Socialization: An Oxymoron?
You know, I think one misconception about socialization is that it takes place only from 8:15 to 3:15, during school hours. That's totally not true. Socialization takes place anytime ANY family is out and about, socializing. That means after ...
Susan52, on 06/04/2011
Recipe for Buckwheat-Blueberry Breakfast Pudding
I'll have to try this, the pudding sounds so yummy, and I love blueberries...
ravenko, on 06/04/2011
Why Wizzle on Wizzley?
Great Wizzle Page!
Jewelsofawe, on 06/04/2011
Laundry Tips for Keeping Brights Bright and Whites White
This is always great information for those of us who live in Florida with hard water!
SidewalkPhilosopher, on 06/04/2011
Ten Ways to NOT Make Money on Zazzle
FANTABULOUS and informative....and FUN! Great lens!
Cherie, on 06/04/2011
Candy Cane Cupcakes
My husband would love these...he loves peppermint!
SidewalkPhilosopher, on 06/04/2011
Easter Basket Cupcakes
Adorable...thanks for sharing!
SidewalkPhilosopher, on 06/04/2011

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