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Kids Craft Idea: Grass Head
Can I make one? Please! This grass head is too cute and I do have the occasional old sock available. I might even age one, extra for this project. Hmmm...can you do this with chives? Or curly parsley?
chefkeem, on 06/13/2011
Remembering Dad with Father's Day Cards
Vikk, I can't either.
sandyspider, on 06/13/2011
Remembering Dad with Father's Day Cards
Unfortunately that's something I can't do anymore; however, until 2008 I never missed a year. :)
vikksimmons, on 06/13/2011
Continuing my thoughts about Homesteading
Thanks for your wonderful thoughts. I feel I've shared an experience with you and I so like your adventurous spirit! and your cabin in the mist. I lived off the grid (in my 20s) and was lucky to have some friends and family helping me learn ...
puerdycat, on 06/13/2011
Branding You, Branding Me, Branding Wizzley
Very interesting! I discovered that there's another women with my name who does something similar (she teaches Pilates, I teach yoga), and blurbs about both of us come come up on different spokes of the Wonder Wheel.
kajohu, on 06/13/2011
Tutu Costumes
Each one I looked at, I thought "OH! This is my favorite!" LOL! Adorable!
tandemonimom, on 06/13/2011
Tutu Costumes
Ahh. So cute! I would have loved these when I was little.
Susan52, on 06/13/2011
Series Commas: The Comma Before "And"
Great page, Carma. I love that quote in red.
Treasures By Brenda, on 06/13/2011
Internet Writing - What Are Keywords?
Thanks to both of you. Now that whole business about the "right" keywords, that's another story. Glad you found the article convincing, AJ. :)
vikksimmons, on 06/13/2011
Does Homeschooling Create Shyness? Homeschooling and Socialization
I'm never shy about leaving a comment in a comment box, LOL. Great discussion, Carma.
Treasures By Brenda, on 06/13/2011
Tutu Costumes
Dianne, these tutus are priceless...and never discount that a little boy might show up in one...
Treasures By Brenda, on 06/13/2011
How UK Writers Can Make Money Writing Articles
As a fellow UK writer I have also dabbled with all of the websites that you describe in detail. I think that Helium may also be worth adding a link to. :)
RichLeigh, on 06/13/2011
Tutu Costumes
These are soooo cute. I love the kitty one with the "meow" ribbon and cat tail. Any little girl would love to wear one of these for dressing up.
puzzlemaker, on 06/13/2011
Internet Writing - What Are Keywords?
I love the convincing arguments you make in favor of doing keyword research ;)
AJ, on 06/13/2011
Tutu Costumes
Oh so adorable!! Little girls love tutus and they make such cute cute photos, too!
petunia, on 06/13/2011

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