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As the Wizzley posts add up, I start a wizzography to order and classified them. This way you will find more about me and my work. You will find: Posts On Wizzley, Blogs, And More


I like Wizzley platform for:

  • Its simplicity, it is so easy to create a post, and you still can do a lot of customization to look great
  • The loading is almost instant at this point
  • The response of programmers team is short and professional
  • Good possibilities for earnings as it is a revenue sharing platform, so we can earn using Adsense, referals to join Wizzley, modules as Amazon, Zazzle, All Posters (more will be added in the future)
  • An active forum which keep the community together and it is a learning tool as well
  • So far a very special community

I create posts in 3 niches:

  • Arts – Architecture is my favorite form of Art but also drawings, painting, sculptures, and Museums
  • Technical writing:
    •  Internet marketing, Affiliate and Mobile marketing as well, Web 3.0, Blogging with Wordpress
    • Reviews – the information overflow is not always an advantage, actually it is confusing for beginners, so when I find a product I know and believe in, I create a review to recommend, and I advertise my own digital products as well
  • General subjects, so far, about me, my Wizzography

In my Office

This is my little Office, a place where all dreams and hard work start and end... I perfectly isolate myself from outside world...
Michey's Office
Michey's Office

The Arts Posts on Wizzley

UNESCO is an agency under United Nations with a large spectrum of activities. My goal in this article is to give an example I know of World Heritage Sites and spread the word.
This beautiful Castle was built by Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino a Conservative Romanian politician who twice served as the Prime Minister of Romania.
The history of a gifted artist, known for her sketches, drawings and paintings - Maria Innocentia Hummel which inspired artists at Goebel Company.
The second post which shows more about the relationship between Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel and Franz Goebel, and other forms of art in addition to the figurines.

The Technical Posts on Wizzley

This post is dedicated to give you a solution if a server crush or other calamities destroy your Blog. I add some miscellaneous plugin topics as well.
Being and open source, WP is enhanced daily with new plugins and themes. So when we think that our Blogs are stable, new ideas and functionality via new plugins is added...
You can sell your own eBooks or somebody else eBooks as an affiliate. The pattern is similar and is actually valid for any Digital Product, not just eBooks.
This is a general discussion about Web 2.0 vs. Web 3.0, how our life has been changed along with Internet trends. I choose as main players: Blogs, Social Media.

More Technical Posts on Wizzley

SEO Ranking rules and facts are changing so frequently. I try to share light on less known new facts especially for Blogs.
To follow the Information Technology Trends is a source of success which I think is overlook nowadays, and it is a a great value attached to it.
Usually any Google Ranking formula is a deep secret, and if somebody by accident or hard work find the secret - they change the ranking algorithm. Now they give us some hints.
Wordpress platform is well established now, but some professorial help to get better is still a need, so I present sources of knowledge written by successful bloggers

Still More Technical Posts...

At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference Apple announces: iCloud Music Service, Mac OS Lion and iOS5
The popular definition of an Authority Site is a Site which has lots of other websites linking to it... but it is more then this...
The launch of a Digital Product, of any other product, project, package has 3 important steps: pre-launch, launch, post-launch. This is Ken Evoy's tachtique adopted as a standard.
Open source is as older than the Internet, it has a tremendous value, but is not coming without controversies, misunderstanding and even oppositions.

General Posts on Wizzley

As the Wizzley posts add up, I start a wizzography to order and classified them. This way you will find more about me and my work. You will find: Posts On Wizzley, Blogs, And More
Our personality is reflected on hobbies we have, big events of our life, and even small details in specific circumstances.

What You Don't Know About Me!

I don't know if this is important, but I am trying to give you the whole picture of my personality:

  • I was born as a Lion
  • I am opinionated, stubborn and ambitious... those are coming from the lion side
  • I have a beautiful mother; 96 years old who I love and strive to provide the best care for her, see the next picture. It is not easy to be 96, so she is my number one project, the rest is coming after my Mom
  • I love to travel, now I cannot as I have to take care of Mom... but I did a lot of travel in my life... I am sure I will do it again some point in time
  • I love outdoors, I enjoy hiking, camping, mountains are my favorite
  • I enjoy arts, interesting people, and cultures
  • I admire everybody who can stand tall on he/her convictions and make a difference 
  • I like heritage, history
  • I love to read, my entire life I was a teacher and a student in the same time
  • Favorite sports: climbing, tennis, Olympics… I like competitions… this is coming from the lion side as well
  • I am a kid of a family with great values, so I have an intolerance for luck of respect, manners, selfishnes, and arogance
  • I came in States, on Aug. 1980 as a legal immigrant, I am now an American citisen and proud of it

In a nut shell – this is it!

My Mother

Michey and her Mother on 4th July 2011
Michey and her Mother on 4th July 2011

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Michey on 08/24/2011

Thank you very much, yes she is sweet and... still educating me, if I say something she doesn't like, she gently put me on my place immediately. And I have to recognize that she is right 95% of the time... so I listen...

Michey on 08/06/2011

This is a precious comment for me Janelle, as I always have a guilty filling:
1) when I am working I said "I better be with Mom"
2) when I am with Mom o said " I didn't finish my work"
3) so I never win... but in her eye I do and this is great return of time investment...
Thanks so much for the kind words.

CCGAL (Janelle) on 08/06/2011

I like how you did this. I haven't yet used Wizzley, but I have plans for the future for it. I love that you shared the photo of you and your mom. I cared for my hubby's mom in our home for 11 years, and I wouldn't trade that time with her for all the good jobs in the world. I would bend over backwards if I could have helped her make it to 96 ... she passed away in her late 80's.

Blessings of abundance and joy to you and to your mom.

Michey on 08/06/2011

Thanks Nancy and Jeanie, your vote of confidence means a lot to me...

SidewalkPhilosopher on 08/06/2011

This was great idea because your work is such a wealth of information to other online friends!

ohme on 08/06/2011

Wow, 22 Wizzley articles. That's super and so is this Wizzography

Michey on 08/04/2011

Thanks so much, and by the way I use a lot route 23...

happynutritionist on 08/04/2011

Thank you Michey, for visiting my Wizzography...I am just starting here on Wizzley, yes, that is amazing that you are about 30-40 minutes away...I wonder if our paths have ever crossed in the stores on route 23:-) You are a dear to care for your beautiful mother.

Michey on 07/31/2011

@Dianne Thank you Dianne.
It is a hard balance to keep between my love and duty for a great Mother and work I cannot stop as we live on it.
But I assure you that I strive to do my best.
Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Dianne on 07/31/2011

Hi Michey,
I feel like I know you a little better now. It's wonderful that you take such good care of your Mom. Sounds like you each are a blessing to the other.

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