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My pages on Wizzley as well as links to my main online hubs elsewhere.


I started my online journey in 1998 when I first went online and became active in theosophical email lists. Back then that was the social web: email lists. They didn't even have archives: you had to save stuff you liked on your own PC. 

When someone suggested I start my own site that was the first material I put online: great stuff I found on those email lists. 

These days that would be a problem of course: copyright issues and all that. But in a way it was the first 'user generated content', except that I had to put it online in HTML myself, using a wysiwig HTML editor. 

Golly have the times changed! 

On Wizzley of course, as on Squidoo and when you start your own blog, you just type, and hit publish and it goes online. Directory structure built in, tags built in (well, not here), and of course wysiwig features built into the online editor. 

I started making money online a few years ago when I decided that teaching math in high school just wasn't going to work. My website got regular traffic, and I thought I could monetize it and build websites for other people. 

And I did, for several years. During those years my online income was my regular income - not a lot, but steady. Money from web design was a lot more irregular, but when I did have a customer, they paid me a lot more. 

By now I no longer take on customers in my webdesign business, though I do still help existing customers.

Instead I make my way online. I'm trying out Wizzley as a supplement to my other online ventures. 

Spiritual articles

Inspiring and uplifting gifts for Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and spiritual people in general.

My calendar wizzleys

Get inspired about your faith with these beautiful calendars and datebook celebrating the Jewish tradition.
Get inspired by these uplifting Christian wall calendars for the new year.

Technological stuff on wizzley

Looking for a messenger bag to carry your iPad as well as keys and accessories? I've found a few manly options for you, your husband, boyfriend or brother.
Your teenager will love their iPad, but it does require extra protection to stay whole despite rarely being very careful with their stuff.
I love my iPad so well, I want to take it with me everywhere. The question is: what purse will hold and protect it well? I've found a few answers.
A good laptop is just a bit too heavy be carried, so us ladies want a laptop bag on wheels, don't we? I've found you the best one on the market. No contest.

Food and cooking

A while ago I wanted a new frying pan. I really didn't want another cheap non-stick pan, only to loose the non-stick properties. I wanted a cast iron pan.

My main online hubs

I really love writing. I never thought I'd be making a living writing. Yet, in some ways, that's exactly what I do today. 

My mom tells her friends I'm into marketing. She's not wrong, but describing it that way is focussing on the most commercial and least interesting aspects of what I do online. 

Me, I think my job is online publishing and that at the same time I'm a writer. I write text - like this, or sharing what I think the best products in a niche are, or what fun Harry Potter is. 

I write about spirituality, about online marketing, Search Engine optimization, philosophy, choosing the best laptop or finding a great purse. 

Really my mom is not that far off: a lot of what I do IS marketing. 

About my home country: The Netherlands

There is no country in the world where biking is so normal as it is in The Netherlands - except China. This is a tribute to Dutch Bikes.
Learn about working women in The Netherlands, our royalty, or relationship with water, some history and a lot more.
Culture, shopping, poetry on the walls, European Dutch old town architecture, fairs and more.

Movies I love

Katinka Hesselink Net
Where it all began: Spirituality, religious views, religion and spirituality

My collection of spiritual quotes

Online Marketing blog - Marketing Spiritual

All Considering, my spiritual blog

My spiritual book reviews - great spiritual books

Katinka Hesselink - resume-site: 

I do so much online that I created a 'who is Katinka' site to present it all to people interested in 'just me'. 

More of my wizzley articles

J.K. Rowling clearly loves candy, because she had a lot of fun imagining magic candy for her Harry Potter world. I've gathered them here for you, including muggle alternatives.
My review of 'a step-by-step plan to rebuild trust & restore intimacy'.
Get dressed up as Professor Snape for Halloween or a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Movie party.
I've found you the top birthday presents and Christmas gifts for teen girls.

Planners, date books and agendas

As a student in high school or college you need a good planner / organizer. These date books were selected to follow the academic year.
I can't do without a planner, can you? But I also want it to look good in my purse. In short, I want a cute planner, preferably with a weekly format. Here's the best this year.

Spiritual and religious gifts

Inspiring and uplifting gifts for Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and spiritual people in general.
Find a cute pendant, or a cool one, for men and women, with your friend's zodiac sign. These make great gifts for Christmas or Birthdays.
I love the look of Muslim jewellery: it's elegant and exotic. If you're a Muslim yourself, or a friend is, it probably looks familiar to you and expresses your pride in your faith.

How to...

Plant lice is annoying, but while I want to rescue my plants, I don't want to use chemicals in my home or garden, so I'm trying out home remedies instead.

Technology and gadgets advice

I just got myself an android phone, the Galaxy S2 to be exact. It's great - but how to make the most of it? I found out and am sharing with you all.
Lightweight, sturdy and able to go online, that's the basic feature list of a back to school laptop for teens, so which laptop should you get?
Deciding on what laptop to buy is tough. Personally I went with a 13 inch laptop because it's just large enough to make typing a decent experience, yet small enough to carry.
I've used a laptop as a desktop for years. Recently the larger screen I use turned yellow. I tried everything. Solution? Cooling the laptop!

Christmas stuff

Nativity sets have to be child, baby and toddler friendly, yet somehow many aren't. These are.
The one thing that bugs me about most Christmas ornaments is just how vulnerable they are. Glittery, but not shatterproof. These are the exception.

Gift ideas

Fun dolls are so the rage this year, it's weird. In fact, it's worse: it's weird dolls that are in fashion. Which is fun...
If you're as tired as I am of seeing kids stare at screens, here are some toys that will get them actually doing something, touching something - aka relating to the world out there
Suggestions for gifts for the AFOL (adult fan of Legos). Showing sets meant for adults to build.


Former lenses that I bought. I don't actually know anything about the topic...
The best Bollywood Films from India and Pakistan from the dawn of movies till now.
Updated: 03/11/2016, spirituality
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Robert Hughey on 04/07/2013

WOW! How many words do you put on the screen each day?! Webmaster Tools said I made 1100 pages last year, but I bet you doubled that, didn't you? And it's GOOD stuff too. You're definitely a role model of mine! :)

holly-day on 08/24/2011

Oh my, now that I've read your Wizzography I'm ashamed for not having built more Wizzley pages. But it was an interesting read.

Michey on 08/07/2011

Thanks! Now I know you better, and I like what I just read.
Thanks for sharing!

Jewelsofawe on 07/14/2011

Hey Katinka!
Just joined your fan club. It was interesting to read some more about you, I never knew these things about you.

KathyMcGraw on 06/18/2011

Online writing is a lot of fun, and when you earn a dollar for doing what you love then it's perfect. I was just reading your blog earlier today, then this. I will always remember, and be thankful, for the article you wrote telling others about some of my Squidoo writings.

sheilamarie on 06/17/2011

Hi Katinka!
Good to see you here! I look forward to reading your wizzles.

ohcaroline on 06/17/2011

Welcome to Wizzley....and much success to all your endeavors here.

Guest on 06/17/2011

oh good, another hubber has joined..nice to meet you!

AJ on 06/17/2011

Sooooo pleased to see you on here Katinka :)

Michey on 06/16/2011

Hi! Katinka, so nice to see you here, wizzling with all of us.
I like this platform first of all for simplicity, but for other reasons as well.
Thanks for sharing with us your work and intentions and welcome!

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