Best Dinosaur Toys 2011 2012

by TerriRexson

Are you looking for the best dinosaur toys for Christmas 2011 and to spend your Christmas money on in 2012? We've got a great selection picked by a Mom to two dinosaur-mad boys.

Best Dinosaur Toys

I'm Mom to two boys who love dinosaurs and have done since they were tiny. You'll find lots of great dinosaur toys here for toddlers, preschoolers, little kids and big kids. 

Some of the toys are educational dinosaur toys, some are fun action figure playsets, and others are dinosaur-themed versions of classic toys. 

If you are buying a gift for a dinosaur fan then you're sure to find something here to suit their age and interests. 

Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Toys

Melissa & Doug have a brilliant range of dinosaur toys for toddlers, preschoolers and little kids. Young kids are fascinated by dinosaurs and these toys are great quality.

Melissa & Doug Giant Plush Dinosaur

Melissa & Doug T-Rex Dinosaur Plush
Only $39.99

Melissa & Doug Dinosaurs

Melissa & Doug make great quality toys for younger children. Their range includes lots of wooden toys like jigsaw puzzles, dinosaur stamps and gorgeous dinosaur magnets. 

Melissa & Doug have dinosaur toys for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and younger children.

We love the gorgeous Melissa & Doug T-Rex dinosaur plush. He's huge! And the colors are gorgeous. 

More Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Toys

Dinosaur Train Toys

The latest Dinosaur Train Toys for fans of Buddy, Tiny and friends. New Uncle Milton toys that teach science in a fun way as well as the fun Learning Curve toys.

Dinosaur Train InterAction Buddy

Dinosaur Train - InterAction Buddy
Only $15.99

Dinosaur Train Toys

Dinosaur Train is a TV show for little kids. It teaches them about the scientific method while having fun meeting lots of different dinosaurs from different time periods (they get there on the dinosaur train.)

There are lots of different Dinosaur Train toys to choose from. The InterAction figures like Buddy here are very popular. They talk and make sounds and move. They are also aware of each other and interact when you have more that one InterAction toy. 

There are lots more Dinosaur Train toys like train cars, collectible figures, an erupting Smoky Mountain and even Dino Poop!

More Dinosaur Train Toys

Dino Dan Toys

The official Dino Dan Toys are here! Lots of cool brightly colored dinosaurs from the show as action figures.

Dino Dan Corythosaurus Action Figure

Dino Dan Toys

Dino Dan is a TV show featuring 10 year old Dan Henderson. Dan is a paleontologist in training. He sees dinosaurs in everyday life and observes them to learn more about them. 

The dinosaurs in the Dino Dan show are really brightly colored with interesting patterns. 

The first Dino Dan toys are available for Christmas 2011 and feature action figures of the dinosaurs from the show. 

Spinosaurus is a favorite in our house. He's a carnivore with a cool sail on his back. 

More Dino Dan Toys

The Fisher Price Imaginext Dinosaurs are big and sturdy and lots of fun. Let's take a look at the latest Dino Riders range.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Raptor Dino

Fisher-Price Imaginext Raptor Dino
Only $37.49

Imaginext Dino Riders

Fisher-Price have come out with a new range of Dino Rider dinosaur action figures. These dinosaurs come from a world where dinosaurs and people live and work together. 

The dinosaurs are big and chunky and have removable armor and lots of cool features like a working crane (Brachiosaurus) and battering rams (Triceratops.)

There are big action figures in the range and smaller ones like this Raptor. He looks very cool in his shiny armor. Red is my older son's favorite color and he loves carnvivores so this set is sure to be a hit. 

More Imaginext Dino Riders

Dinosaur Science and Paleontology Gifts for Kids

Do you know a child who likes dinosaurs? Here's a collection of dinosaur science and paleontology gifts for kids who love dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

Backyard Safari Cargo Vest

Backyard Safari Cargo Vest
Only $32.88

Paleontology Toys

Lots of kids who love dinosaurs get interested in paleontology and dinosaur science. How do we know so much about these ancient creatures? What does a paleontologist do? 

Paleontology-themed toys are great for encouraging this interest. You can get dino dig sets, dinosaur anatomy models and lots more. 

We like the Backyward Safari Cargo Vest for dressing up as a paleontologist, taking your field tools and discovering fossils in the backyard! My boys love to dress up as paleontologist and go exploring. 

More Paleontology Toys

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