Dragon Costumes for Kids

by TerriRexson

Find the best dragon costumes for kids from toddlers to big kids. Great for Halloween or just for dressing up at any time of the year.

Dressing up as a dragon is great fun, you get to flap your wings, swish your tail and pretend to breath fire. A plush dragon costume is nice and warm for going trick or treating at Halloween too.

A dragon costume is perfect for kids who like knights and castles. Or maybe the brother or sister of a Mike the Knight fan - Sparkie and Squirt are friendly dragons, not the scary kind.

There are lots of famous dragons in stories and TV shows. There's Smaug from the Hobbit, Puff the Magic Dragon, Mushu from Mulan, the elemental dragons from Ninjago, Bakugan Dragonoids, Toothless and Gronckle from How to Train your Dragon, Dragon from Jane and the Dragon. And 2012 is the Chinese year of the dragon. Lots of good reasons to choose a dragon costume!

Dragons can be lots of different colors too. Green dragon costumes are probably the most common, but don't forget red dragons and blue dragons.

Dragon Costume for an Infant or Toddler

A cute baby dragon costume

Baby Plush Dragon Costume - Infant Animal Halloween Costume Ideas


If you're looking for a dragon costume for an infant or younger toddler, then this plush baby dragon costume is brilliant.

It looks extremely cute, but it's also designed to be practical. The main part of the costume is a bodysuit with snaps at the legs for dealing with diaper changers.

The wings are detachable using snaps so you can take them off if you need to. The dragon feet booties are also included and there's a very cute dragon hood to complete the effect. The dragon suit is lined for comfort too.

The costume comes in three sizes: 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18-2T. Perfect for infants.

A baby dragon costume works really well if an older brother or sister will be wearing a ninja costume or a knight costume for Halloween.

You can put your baby dragon  in their buggy, or a pull along cart filled with 'treasure' so the dragon is guarding his or her pile of treaure.

In mythology, dragons are said to have slept on their treasure to guard it even when they are asleep. This costume even works if they are napping!

See: Baby Plush Dragon Costume

Dragon Costume for a Toddler, Preschooler or Little Kid

Rust (Green / Brown) Dragon Costume

Child Rust Dragon Costume - Toddler Dragon Costumes


This Rust Dragon costume works well for toddlers and preschoolers. It comes in sizes from 2T up to child Medium. 

This costume comes as a jumpsuit with a zipper at the front plus a dragon head piece. 

The big wings are attached at the back of the suit and there are claws at the wrists and ankles.

The suit has a fun scaly design on it and we really like the dragon ears and the dragon tummy. 

A great choice for kids who want to run around flapping their wings and scaring knights away from their treasure. 

See: Child Rust Dragon Costume 

But I Need a Red / Blue Dragon Costume

A shiny dragon costume, one that looks like ...

I'm Mom to two boys and I know that sometimes they don't want just any dragon costume! They want one that looks like a favorite dragon character, or a plush toy they have, or it just must be blue because that's their favorite color! 

In such cases it's worth having on look for kids dragon costumes on eBay

More Dragon Costumes

Dragon Capes for Role Play

Fun for Preschoolers and Little Kids

If you want a dragon costume to keep in the dress up box for regular role play, then consider a dragon cape. 

A cape is much easier to put on that a full costume. I find that I can spend ages getting one of my boys into a complicated costume for all of three minutes play time before they want to be something else! With a cape they can grab it themselves and have it on in seconds. 

Dragons capes create great wings as well! Great for pretending to fly or for covering up your pile of treasure!

The Creative Education Dragon Cape on the right is made from a gorgeous green fabric which feels luxuriously dragon-like. 

There are other dragon capes around including reversible dragon capes that allow kids to choose whether they want to be the dragon or the knight!

Creative Education's Dragon Cape

Creative Education's Dragon Cape (Medium)
Only $29.99

Need Somewhere to Store Costumes?

A selection of storage solutions for children's costumes. Have you built up a big collection of kids costumes with lots of bits and need to organize them?

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Marie on 02/23/2012

Yes, that's a really cute baby dragon costume. We love dragons in this house and have a number of dragon toys but I never thought about a costume.

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