Shark Toys for Kids

by TerriRexson

A selection of the best shark toys for kids. Sharks are fascinating creatures and lots of kids, especially boys love to play with toy sharks.

Toys Sharks and Shark-Themed Gifts

Sharks are fascinating creatures. Lots of kids get interested in sharks, particularly the boys. Sharks have been around since before the dinosaurs! 

My boys love sharks so I've looked for the best shark toys for kids. I've included shark toys for preschoolers and little kids as well as shark toys and educational kits for older kids. A lot of children stay interested in sharks right through to their teens and beyond. 

Shark toys combined with a good book on sharks (like the Eyewitness Expert Sharks book to the right) are great for learning about science and nature. And yeah, sharks are cool. 

Melissa & Doug Plush Shark

Age 3+
Melissa & Doug Plush Shark
Only $32.0

Big Plush Shark

OK, I admit it, we have a big plush shark in our living room most of the time. The kids absolutely love it and so do any visiting children. 

The Melissa & Doug Plush Shark is almost 40 inches long and very cuddly! Kids will love the big red mouth and sharp teeth. 


Dinosaur Train InterAction Cretoxyrhina

Age 3_
Dinosaur Train InterAction Cretoxyrhina

Prehistoric Shark Toys

My boys are big fans of Dinosaur Train. I think that part of their love of sharks comes from realizing that prehistoric sharks were around at the same time as the dinosaurs. 

This Dinosaur Train InterAction Cretoxythina (that's Mr Cretoxyrhina to you) makes sounds and moves and also interacts with other toys in the range. 

If you have little kids who like sharks then the Dinosaur Train Dinosaurs Under the Sea DVD is excellent. It features Carla the Cretoxythina and her dad Mr Cretoxyrhina. 

Wild Republic Nature Tube Shark

Wild Republic Nature Tubes Shark
Only $49.62

Mini Sharks

My boys have a collection of these mini sharks. You get 10 different sharks:

  1. bull shark
  2. black-tipped reef shark
  3. lemon shark, tiger shark
  4. zebra shark
  5. leopard shark
  6. blue shark
  7. hammerhead
  8. japanese saw shark
  9. whale shark
  10. great white shark

And they come in a storage tube for keeping them all together. This is a lovely set for kids who are interested in sharks. It makes a nice gift to go with a book or DVD about sharks so kids can learn about different species of shark. My 5-year-old is already very knowledgeable about sharks. 

Schleich Whale Shark

Age 4+
Schleich Whale Shark
Only $75.0

Toy Shark Figure

If you want to build a collection of toy sharks, the Schleich range is wonderful. 

These sharks are handpainted and very detailed and accurate. 

This Whale Shark is gorgeous (yes, he's a shark, not a whale!)

Schliech make a whole range toy animals including other sharks and sea creatures. 

Skullduggery Eyewitness Kit Shark Casting Kit

Age 6-15
Skullduggery Eyewitness Kit Shark Casting Kit
$9.98  $4.98

Shark Science Kit

The Skullduggery Eyewitness Shark Casting Kit is a fun way for kids to learn more about sharks. The set includes educational information and instructions and materials for a hands-on shark making activity.

The set includes the molds and casting material to make a shark model. Once the model has dried you can decorate it using the included paints and paint bursh. 

You use the glue and magnets to enable the shark to be displayed on the fridge once its finished. 

This set gets excellent reviews and is great value for money. 

4D Vision Great White Shark Anatomy Model

Age 8+
4D Vision Great White Shark Anatomy Model
Only $29.7

Shark Anatomy Model

The 4D Vision Great White Shark Anatomy model isn't so much a toy as a fun educational resource. 

The shark is 13" long and contains 20 realistic removable organs and body parts. 

You can take out the bones and organs and examine them and then put the shark back together - kids will have a much better chance of remembering the anatomy than from just learning from a picture. 

The shark anatomy model comes with shark anatomy information too. 

This makes a great gift for any child who is interested in science and nature and possibly even considering a career that uses those interests. And it looks brilliant on display too!

Shark Facts for Kids

Shark Facts for Kids
A resource for kids with lots of fun facts about sharks.

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