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Fantastic Mustache Jewelry for Cool People
I really enjoyed this article! I had no idea that moustache jewelry even existed...a moustache belly ring? Really? I'm so far behind the times (sigh).
BizzyBee, on 06/04/2011
Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix Features More Than Just Cactus
I liked the prairie dogs exhibit there. Always spent time there when visiting Tucson. Nice article!
Lori, on 06/04/2011
Your own Fairy Garden
A very cute idea! I was convinced that fairies were real when I was a little I'm just 'away with the fairies' most of the time! Your Fairy Garden ideas really appeal to the inner child in me!
BizzyBee, on 06/04/2011
Tips When Moving
Great article on moving! I'm sure lots of folks are going to find this very useful!
BizzyBee, on 06/04/2011
Who Is Doc Hellams
What a wonderful love story! I'll head on over to your tribute lens to tell him Happy Birthday!
Susan52, on 06/04/2011
Wind Chimes
This is cool.
Diana, on 06/04/2011
Your own Fairy Garden
So pretty...
CHalloran, on 06/04/2011
Who Is The Sidewalk Philosopher
You write so well. This is a good idea.
Sue Burford, on 06/04/2011
How To Keep Family Medical Records
I agree with you that knowing your family history makes an enormous difference.
Spook, on 06/04/2011
Grammar Tips -- Correlative Conjunctions
Wow, thanks, Evelyn! I appreciate your featuring this Wizzley!
PeggyHazelwood, on 06/04/2011
Locationary: The World's Place Database
Ya I joined the site today and made a few new entries, also updated a couple of entries for my home town. Looks like an interesting project no doubt.
ASOTV Blog , on 06/04/2011
How to Backup Wordpress without expert knowledge
Learned something. Thanks so much. :)
chefkeem, on 06/04/2011
Coconut Macaroons - Tres Leches Recipe
Wow! These look great, I would not trust myself to eat just one though. At my age I would need to run a marathon to work it off...if I could (ha ha)!
CitizenWake, on 06/04/2011
Grammar Tips -- Correlative Conjunctions
Wonderful reference for conjunctions. This Wizzley is now featured on The Homeschool Club as there are many homeschoolers looking for clear, concise explanations about the parts of speach and this is one ...
evelynsaenz, on 06/04/2011
Inspirational Wall Quotes
These are cool and I use that Walt Disney quote on my Zazzle products so I was glad to see it here.
Jewelsofawe, on 06/04/2011

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