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Washing Machines
I feel so...dirty, now. Guess I better take a spin in one of your washing machines...
chefkeem, on 05/25/2011
Moving to the Dominican Republic
Lots of common-sense advice, Jenny. Great article! :)
chefkeem, on 05/25/2011
I hate American Idol - my prediction for 2011
That's funny, Oliver. They could have added, "and no baby seals were murdered."
chefkeem, on 05/25/2011
Bullying Help
I admire you for taking such a strong stand on this topic, AJ. May your articles be of utmost help to everyone affected by bullying.
chefkeem, on 05/25/2011
What NOT to write in your online profile
Christine - everyone who knows you and your work, knows that you don't need any hype. You're one of the best. :)
chefkeem, on 05/25/2011
Creating Your Own Website with Wordpress
Well, well. Didn't know you could create WordPress websites. I have a freebie from (pretty pitiful but it's my fault more than theirs). May need to investigate this further.
mulberry, on 05/25/2011
What NOT to write in your online profile
No problem there. "Passion" has ruffled my skin a bit for a number of years. Just too melodramatic for me but I'm a bit "understated" too often.
mulberry, on 05/25/2011
Bev Owens In A Nutshell
Thanks for sharing more of your story. I believe my ancestry is primarily northern/western European...but my family shared little of their history too. Looking forward to reading more.
mulberry, on 05/25/2011
Jennywrites Who is she?
Nice to meet you, Jenny. Welcome on Wizzley! :)
chefkeem, on 05/25/2011
AllPosters Affiliate Program and AllPosters are owned by the same company, but they run as separate companies. You need to have two separate affiliate accounts with them.
lakeerieartists, on 05/25/2011
About AJ
Whew! A breath of fresh air over here!
Ener-Gia, on 05/25/2011
AllPosters Affiliate Program
I never realised they did quite so much in terms of products - thanks for this - you've opened my eyes. I've been an girl up until now!
makingamark, on 05/24/2011
AllPosters Affiliate Program
AllPosters images are fantastic especially for illustrating book reviews, film themes and current topics. The affiliate revenue side is a bonus.
ronpass, on 05/24/2011
AllPosters Affiliate Program
I love AllPosters. The huge selection of fantastic pictures for your pages alone is worth a membership. I even found inspiration for article topics from looking at AllPosters' categories. And, of course, I had found the perfect pictures right ...
chefkeem, on 05/24/2011
Google Analytics
Yes, it is really an invaluable tool, and the fact that it is free is really great. How much would you have to pay a contractor to gather the same amount of data.
lakeerieartists, on 05/24/2011

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