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Simple Homemade Peach Butter
OMG...I have to make some of this! Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. Think I'll try it with maybe a tiny bit of cloves...YUM!
boutiqueshops, on 06/08/2011
Why Do You Write?
Thanks for this excellent article about online marketing and content creation. Why do you write?...a very important question. I love your remark about "rehashing crap". We're still seeing way too much of it.
chefkeem, on 06/08/2011
Mexican Cruises - Tips from Our Personal Experience
I live so close to Mexico but I've never been across the border. A Mexican Cruise would be a real nice vacation!
chefkeem, on 06/08/2011
Coconut Macaroons - Tres Leches Recipe
Those look good. I'll bet my brother in law would especially love them. Thanks!
kimbesa, on 06/08/2011
An Affiliate Program with some fun attached as well as practicality.
i have a bit of Scottish blood, but I've never thought much about the kilt -- just always associated it with those who play bagpipes. Interesting pictures. Is that you in the "modern kilt" picture? I can't tell because the face isn't real clear.
BarbRad, on 06/07/2011
Poddys The Man Behind The Name
I always enjoy getting to know the people behind the names. I thihnk I first ran into you and Deb on Tagfoot, where I followed the story of your courtship and marriage. I didn't know the things you shared here about all your travels.
BarbRad, on 06/07/2011
Simple Homemade Peach Butter
This sounds incredible! Peach butter. Much better than apple butter.
lakeerieartists, on 06/07/2011
Wizzley vs Hubpages vs Squidoo: Which is more User (& Bank) Friendly
Great comparison. I would add the attention that the creators of Wizzley have given to what does work well is another great plus for this site.
sandralynnsparks, on 06/07/2011
Michigan Lighthouses
I was never really over impressed with the idea of lighthouses. I am not a native Michigander and It was no big deal in Missouri or Colorado where I lived. And then I came to Michigan in 1986 and got to meet one in person, :), Wow what a ...
nightbear, on 06/07/2011
Wizzley vs Hubpages vs Squidoo: Which is more User (& Bank) Friendly
I just found this site and started thinking about joining. I am SirDent at Hubpages. I will think about joining. Traffic dropped about 50% at HubPages since the Panda update.
SirDent, on 06/07/2011
How to Use Paper and Decoupage to Decorate a Clipboard
Fantastic tutorial for something I'd love to do.
Jimmie, on 06/07/2011
I have a granddaughter the same age and know exactly how you feel, I am so happy that my lil' sweet pea still needs grandma time too. Wonderful story - thanks for sharing!
flipflopnana, on 06/07/2011
Peridot Gemstone Jewelry
Lovely! Two of my sisters have a birthday in August. . . gift idea?
sheilamarie, on 06/07/2011
Jaegerschnitzel - The Unbreaded Truth
Eva - maybe if you'd ask for cinnamon rolls...? Actually, I've seen sticky buns all over the place, here in Texas. I wonder if they differ from your Northern version... Susan - what do know-it-alls and Taco Bell foods have in common? They're ...
chefkeem, on 06/07/2011
How to Use Paper and Decoupage to Decorate a Clipboard
I love this idea! You've described how to do it really well. Thanks!
sheilamarie, on 06/07/2011

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