Tips and Tricks After 600 Pages on Wizzley

by JoHarrington

I've been a Wizzley author for just over two years. You might say that I've picked up a thing or two along the way. Here are the lessons from my past fifty pages.

Funny how many old faces are back.

People who were here when Wizzley was shiny and new, then disappeared when they realized it would take time for the site to mature. What does it say now, that they are back again?

We don't have to look too far for the reasons why. The forum has many more threads on a theme of 'the stats are rising!' or 'wow! I'm starting to make money on Wizzley!'

Every fifty pages, I pause to collate all of my tips and tricks for writing on Wizzley. It's partly a diary, and partly a guide for those on the same journey. Welcome to my latest journal entry.

Wizzley Profile Mosaic Art

I'm a gamer. I love quests, challenges, achieving levels and clicking away at pixels until I receive satisfaction. I'm also a writer, and the two are not incompatible.

As you will know, if you've read enough of these tips and tricks articles, I'm forever setting myself targets. Playing games within the infrastructure of the site. It motivates me. It gives me something to aim for that's not merely writing.

I'm passionate about writing too. But even more so when I'm quietly leveling up in my own private gaming world.

Like, for example, making mosaics out of the pictures on the front page of my profile. Surely nobody with the right mentality thought this was an accident?

Image: Wizzley Grid Art by Jo Harrington
Image: Wizzley Grid Art by Jo Harrington

I sat on that raven article for two weeks in order to get it to align with the Death from Sandman image.

Unfortunately, the sunset was the wrong color to fully match the middle bit. I was insanely impressed with the way that the middle image's orange hues seemed to bleed into the graffiti on the wall of Death's subway.

Sometimes the mosaic 'art' isn't entirely of my making. Like the one created by the posting of this article, in which the art is in its representation of success.

Image: Achievement Wizzley Grid Art
Image: Achievement Wizzley Grid Art

The first article signifies my accomplishment in writing 600 articles for Wizzley. The second and third articles BOTH received Editor's Choice Awards.

That's the first time I've had an alignment that looks anything like this! Color me proud.

Anyway, Grid Art was just a side game. The main event was much, much bigger than that!

Obligatory book plug...
A Writer's Guide to Wizzley: Learn how to make a living writing about what you love

Wizzley is one of the youngest and brightest writing platforms on the internet today. Online livelihoods are made in writing articles there. Jo Harrington is one of its foremost...

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Experimenting with a Wizzley Profile Grid Game

The mission was to write in more sub-categories, so I could maximise my internet traffic via Twitterfeed. Naturally it turned into a Wizzley game.

Image: Game CounterI wonder how many people noticed that I've been jumping around between topics much more than usual?

My articles have appeared all over Wizzley, in loads of different categories. It must have been difficult to predict what you'd be reading about next.

There's a reason for this. I've been playing a very long game with everything I've written over the past few weeks. My profile page has pretty much been a game board, with every article a counter carefully placed. Each subject was planned in advance. I knew precisely where it would feature on the page.

The game has been not to have any category visited twice within the same line, nor those above and below. In effect, every nine square grid had at least nine different Wizzley categories represented.

It's still in effect as I post this article. If you rush to my profile page now, you'll see it in action. It'll look like this:

Image: Planning for the Wizzley Grid Game
Image: Planning for the Wizzley Grid Game

The first column is the next six articles to be written. Yes, I switched Mother's Day for another St Patrick's Day one in reality, but that didn't matter, as they were both destined for the same subcategory.

The second and third columns tell me what categories would be represented in the neighboring squares. The fourth doesn't matter so much, as that will disappear down into the mash of articles below, when the new ones are written.

That was in the planning stage for these last six articles. Here is how that looks, now this one is published.

Image: Wizzley Grid Game in Excel
Image: Wizzley Grid Game in Excel

As you can see, the planned articles from the first image have now become real ones in the second, and the whole thing moved up.

Guess what I'm writing about next?

The rationale behind this was to amuse myself. The secondary goal was to provide more fodder for Twitterfeed. That sends links to Twitter, which helps promote my work. It'll post up to ten from each category. But I hadn't written ten in most.

I was promoting other Wizzley authors' work, when I could have been gaining publicity for my own. The only way to fix that was to write more articles in more categories. So I did. Then I turned it into a game.

Pros of the Wizzley Grid Game

The grid challenge turned out to be a great motivator, and a way to force myself out of my comfort zone. I achieved a larger presence on Wizzley.

Image: Thumbs UpThe pros have been manifold. Because I'd planned what to write, I'd not waste time faffing around choosing a subject each morning.

Moreover, as I had glanced each time at the topic coming, it was bubbling in my mind. I generally had a good idea about what to write before I ever clicked on 'create page'.

It also boosted my output considerably. If I had to write x, y and z article, before I could get to the one that I wanted to write about, then I'd go for it.

That's why you suddenly saw me working all hours to get articles about ASL baby gifts and raven statues out. I was itching to write about the Halifax Explosion, which had only just piqued my fascination.

I was challenged in what I chose to write about. I couldn't just huddle in the safety of history topics, because it turned out that I'd greatly over-subscribed to the Culture and Society category. The vast majority of my articles fall into one of its sub-categories.

I had to ration them out like candy. Little treats or level up bonuses within the gaming structure. While every instinct in me wanted to tell a legendary story, or report on some activism, or else bring the past to life in prose, I was actually writing about shoes.

You can tell. The whole thing reads like something that should be in Culture and Society, but it ticked a box labelled 'Beauty' on my grid. That hadn't been visited in the neighboring nine spaces.

Occasionally, real gems could be found in this way. I opted to write about Siegfrid Sassoon, as that article would be in Literature. I saw it coming up, so made the page ready for penning an article the next day.

Then I read about him. This was eleven o'clock at night. The more I read, the greater my fascination grew. His story is unreal in places, heart-breaking and intriguing too. I only meant to write a few paragraphs here and there, just so I'd remember what I was reading in the morning.

Next thing I knew, it was half past four am, and the Wizzle was posted. I went to bed exhausted, but with my mind buzzing over the amazing story I'd just been told, and told again in turn.

Things like that wouldn't have happened, if I hadn't been playing the Grid Game on Wizzley.

Cons of the Wizzley Grid Game

Being unable to immediately write about things that were interesting me and others right now was a major downside.

Image: Thumbs DownIt's my belief that the best articles are written in passion and wonder. If you're interested in the subject, then that will shine through in your writing.

The trouble with pre-planning your topics is that you aren't necessarily writing about a subject at the moment that you're engrossed in it.

Last week a Canadian friend linked me to a history of the Halifax Explosion. I've been reading reams of stuff about it, watching dramatizations and hunting down documentaries ever since.

But I couldn't tap into that passion for the subject, because it fell into the 'wrong' sub-category. By waiting, I risked writing when my interest was waning.

Planning what to write, and not deviating from your precision grid, also means not being able to react very quickly to unforeseen events.

Last week, I checked my stats and discovered something quite wonderful. There was a massive spike on one of my articles!

This is usually the cue to quickly write something else on the same subject. It gives your increased readership another avenue to follow, and brings down your bounce rate accordingly.

One glance at the article in question informed me that this was an even more urgent reaction than normal. Not only was that my sole contribution to the subject, I'd not written another thing in the whole sub-category. There was no way that I could currently benefit from the knock-on effect of that surge in internet traffic.

But I was playing my Grid Game. I might not be able to write in that category for days, if it fell in the wrong spot.

It was a struggle. I had to make some serious adjustments in what was coming up, and even shift a recently written Wizzle into another category. But I was able to write my companion article to the one gaining all of the attention.

When the script called for a large extended family, Brendan O'Carroll cast a real world one - his own! Yet the relationships aren't quite what they are in 'Mrs Brown's Boys'.
It's one of Ireland's best comedies, smashing all records in Britain too. Now Mrs Brown's Boys is en route to America, and the cussing will not be beeped.

It turned out that Mrs Brown's Boys is currently on tour in Australia, in addition to announcements made that it could be on its way to the USA and Russia. That's why so many people were looking for articles about it.

Overall though the pros out-weighed the cons. I think I will continue playing the Wizzley Grid Game, but I'll cut myself some slack on certain categories.  Culture and Society is the biggie, with Entertainment and Media close behind.

They'll probably act as blank runes, wherein I can write about them - even if they appear in a neighboring square - as long as I mix and match their sub-categories.

It would be the more workable solution for me, and may help me achieve a higher page rank, as I would be writing while my passion was still piqued.

Postcards for Writers

It's Getting Harder to Hit 100% Page Rank on Wizzley

More people equals more articles, which means that there's more competition for Wizzles featured on the front page.

Image: Page Rank on WizzleyThere was a time when every article that I wrote for Wizzley was guaranteed to hit the front page. Not any more.

The influx of new and returning writers here has raised the bar ever higher. We all need to up our game, if we hope to enjoy the same amount of coverage that used to be so easy to achieve.

Our 'competition' is beginning to hit critical mass.

How do I know? Well look at your statistics under the 'My Pages' tab. Under the heading 'Rank', you will see your current Wizzley Page Rank for each article.

Until recently, every one of mine began at the usual 47%, then rose by ten points each day, until it made it to 97%. The full 100% would follow immediately afterwards.

But not anymore. For the first time in my Wizzley writing career, I've begun to witness Wizzles fizzle before they hit the topmost mark. As you can see in the screenshot above, there are articles penned by me over the past few weeks, which languished at 75%, 82% and 97%. 

That's my cue to do better.

For Wizzley as a whole, this is good news. It means that there is more choice for readers browsing our categories. I'm not dominating the views quite so much as I was before. The increased input of others is taking traffic from me.

Page Rank is dependent upon a few factors. Likes and comments are the biggies for the first week, then traffic grows in prominence thereon. You still need likes and comments though. The more, the better, dotted at intervals throughout its life.

If you've written a good Wizzle, then this will happen naturally. No need to force a thing.

But for likes, comments and traffic, you need readers, and this is why it's beginning to get harder to achieve 100% Page Rank on Wizzley. We've attracted more writers to lure those readers away. Go Wizzley!

The old advice remains the same...

Making Money on Wizzley Through Referrals

It's not only adverts and product placement which can monetize your Wizzley experience. You can make money from all of those other writers pouring in!

Image: Cars driving into the dawnFor every article I write, Christian Doerr gets ten percent.  He's only written five articles on Wizzley, but his earnings are boosted by another 600 authored by me.

Why? Because Christian is the person who introduced me to Wizzley. I clicked on his referral link to come in.

Right now, for every ten people reading my articles, six are potential customers of mine. Three could possibly provide commission for Wizzley's owners. One is there for Christian.

He doesn't have to do anything now. Just thirty seconds posting a referral link in a forum post, and he'd hooked me. Now he only has to sit back and let me do all of the work. I'm the one writing, publishing, promoting, answering comments and everything else. He could well be reclining on a tropical island sipping pina coladas, yet he'd still be getting his ten percent.

Anyone looking in Christian's direction with mingled jealousy and respect? Are you wishing that you'd been the one to bring Jo Harrington to Wizzley?

The fact is that you could be. Obviously not with me, as Christian already has that covered. But you could be the one to bring in the next prolific Wizzley author. Moreover, you would be doing a favor to both them and Wizzley as a whole.

Currently, I've recruited fifty-five people to be Wizzley writers. Among them are big names like Rupert Taylor, Brenda Reeves, Steve Rogerson, Wisefool and Fargy.

You know that my commission is earned through 600 articles that I've written for Wizzley. What you can't see is that I've got a ten percent stake in another 542 that I didn't write. Their authors all came to Wizzley via my referral link.

Advantages in Referring People to be Wizzley Authors

What's in it for everyone involved? Quite a lot actually!

The benefit for those you're bringing in is obvious. They get everything that you have - a lovely site to write upon; a great community to join; earnings from their pages - and they lose nothing by having come here by referral. 

ChefKeem and the Wizzley team count those costs. If a writer isn't referred, then Wizzley gets the full forty percent commission. It's their cut that's quartered, not yours nor that of the new writer.

But what about the boon to Wizzley as a whole?

At the very least, more articles mean more opportunities for readers to find our site. More authors mean more people promoting Wizzley on social networking, other websites and by pure word of mouth.

Then look at the sort of authors we could be bringing in:

Tabt is a qualified dental nurse. I asked her to write for Wizzley about teeth.
Are you just going through the motions? We all know we should be brushing for at least two minutes, yet the average adult spends just 42 seconds cleaning their teeth.
You know the drill.

You could refer people who don't consider themselves to be writers. They may only write one or two articles, but the quality of their knowledge is very worth the sharing.

Their contributions help raise the quota of fabulous pages to be found on Wizzley. Those valuable articles are much more likely to be consulted than those penned by non-expert writers rehashing information lifted from Wikipedia.

Audioworm is working on a Physics PhD.
An introduction to some of the concepts of more advanced mathematics.
Paul is a Computer Sciences student.
C++ is an all-purpose programming language which is based upon one of the most used programming languages ever - C.

I know from my days as a student that I'd spent weeks, months (sometimes years), researching a certain topic. I'd write my essay, give my presentation or submit my dissertation. Then that would be it.

Ok, I'd gain a mark and graduate in the fullness of time. But that piece of work is now gathering dust, apparently worthless. No-one except my tutor, and perhaps an examination official, ever read it. They already knew all that I had to tell them.

If a student follows your referral link and writes for Wizzley, then the whole internet benefits from their knowledge. All of those essays can be the basis of their articles - informed and intelligently written - with no extra research required.

It stops that hard work going to waste in a tutor's in-tray, and it will earn them pennies towards paying off their tuition fees and student loans.  Or, at least, beer money.

Why stop at the students? You could bring in the tutors too!

WordChazer volunteers at museums and conventions talking about Computing History.
Jo Murphy's expertise is in collaborative eLearning and Teaching Visual Art Online.
If you have a message to share, running workshops can be a great way to communicate with others. Developing a solid attractive workshop takes planning, scaffolding and staging.

The greatest Wizzley articles, in my humble opinion, aren't necessarily written by experts in their field. They are by authors passionate about their subject.

Have you got a friend who is intensely interested in a particular topic? They might not consider themselves natural born writers, but they are definitely folk who want to discuss their subject.

Where better to do that than Wizzley?

Wrestling is Jethraw's passion...
Some of the key problems with Professional Wrestling today, along with some potential solutions.
... while Frances Spiegel loves art.
1901 was a crucial year for Pablo Picasso. Becoming Picasso: Paris 1901 discusses key events and looks at how his artistic career developed during this pivotal year.
... and Jyreeil is a book-worm.
A series of more than 15 books written by Anne McCaffrey follows a number of valiant protagonists on their quest to rid their world of the diabolical foe, thread.
Sethisis is an animal-lover...
Whenever I have a conversation with someone about pets I'm met with the same bemused expression, and the question "You've got a what?"

Then you get those who are entrenched in fighting the good fight. They are well-known names in specific fields, usually for being the ones with their finger on the pulse regarding specific issues.

Fargy earned a certain amount of fame amongst Runescape players, when Jagex banned both his account, and that of his wife, for comments left on the game's forum.

As the player Fargrist, he'd discerned early on that Jagex planned to change the whole focus of Runescape, from an enjoyable game into an addictive arena for aggressive monetization. The company didn't take kindly to him explaining this to less aware players ahead of time.

They kicked him off their public platform. I invited him onto ours.

So what have all of these people got in common?  They're making money for me on Wizzley!

For every article that they write (and all of the other authors on my referral list), I have a 10% opportunity of earning some commission. They are all earning for themselves too, plus Wizzley gains from their contributions in increased general traffic and great writing.

Who do you know who might like to write here?  And once again, here's my own referral link, if you'd like to help me earn too!

You Know It Sells, Write About It!

It's always worth checking the items sold on Amazon, Zazzle etc, to see what is actually being bought.

Do you like the Ceramic Ionic Hairstyling Iron pictured left?

If I had any sense, I'll have already written a Wizzle about it, because I know that there's a market out there for it.

It turned up last month on my Amazon Earnings Report, after somebody purchased it via my affiliate link.

I'd not specifically added it as a product to one of my articles. But that doesn't matter. A cookie allows all sales to be credited to you within a 24 hour period, regardless of whether it's the one that brought the customer to Amazon.

A reader could well have been perusing one of my history articles and clicked on a book for more information. Then, while they were there, went to check out hair irons. Perhaps their old one had broken, or they'd heard great things about this particular brand.

They bought the iron and I got the commission.

In addition to the pennies, I also benefited from the insider information that this ceramic hairstyling iron is a good marketable item. Half the time, we stick those product modules in more out of hope than expectation. We can't know what does and does not sell, until someone buys something.

Here, I received that information in advance. Someone bought it, ergo it sells.

Now all I have to do is write an article around that fact and wait for the money to pile in. Unfortunately, everything I know about ionic hairstyling equipment has just been written here. People buy them, and they're something to do with hair.

You can have this one for free. Go write!

But for things that I do know about, I have squirreled that information away. They become the inspiration for great earning articles in the future.

Articles I Wrote AFTER Selling a Featured Product

I didn't have any Wizzle highlighting the wonderful items available here. But I did, once I knew that there was a market out there for them!
Your toddler or small child adores the peaceful lights playing out on their ceiling. A star-filled tableau awaits with this brand new ladybug night-light by Cloud b.
An iRobot Roomba is a great vacuum cleaner for those with pets or allergies. It's also the perfect size for cats to hitch a ride, as many cat-lovers have hilariously discovered.
Enjoy a little equine rainbow magic on your Christmas Tree this year, with festive ornaments featuring My Little Pony characters.
It's said that money begets money, because the rich can afford to buy goods in bulk quantities. That's a huge tip right there.

Find Unusual Angles to Cover Popular Topics

If the product is too popular, then you might find that another Wizzley author got in first. It's not game over yet.

Image: Bike from a weird angleI've heard it said on the forum before that the Wizzley administration team are fine with multiple people covering the same subject, as long as each writer has something new to say.

What value does your article have for our readers? What does it bring new to the table?

When I saw that a Roomba had been bought via my affiliate link, I was so excited! I knew all about these devices. My friend owns Floor-ance, her pet vacuum cleaner, and I'd long since devoured every cat video.

Unfortunately, fellow Wizzley author ExploreDecor had already written an article about them.

Yes, I was disappointed. Until I read their Wizzle and realized there was absolutely no mention of cats riding on them. Absolute oversight. My new angle was found and I was in!

I had a similar moment when I saw St Patrick's Day looming on the horizon and wanted to add to the category on its history. But my mind went blank. I couldn't think of anything else to say on the subject.

I'd covered St Patrick's life-story, and the origins of the day celebrated as a holiday. What on Earth was there more to write?  Ah! Earth...

An unusual angle found to discuss the history of St Patrick's Day:
The Irish Diaspora spread far and wide heralding St Patrick's Day celebrations all over the globe. Occasionally the good cheer has gone even further!

Tip for Speeding Up Adding Product Modules

Adding products into our Wizzley modules is a necessary means of monetizing our articles. But we can waste time in scrolling down to find the key code.

The key code is that series of letters and/or numbers, which identifies the product on the mother site.

Take the couple featured to the right.  The duvet cover's ASIN code is B0030J9N06 on Amazon, while the decoration's key code is 175349508843052404 on Zazzle.

I added them by copying those codes (generally found half-way down the page on Amazon, or at the foot of it on Zazzle), and adding them to the appropriate module on Wizzley.

But I didn't have to do that. Both sites feature the key code in their product URLs. Check it out, if you don't believe it. It saves so much time just copying it from your browser window!

PinUp Duvet Cover

First Xmas Ornament

Get Into the Routine of Checking Old Articles on Wizzley

Yes, I know this is mind-numblingly tedious and feels like the universe just spat on your hard work. But it needn't be too onerous a job.
Image: Old module with defunct items
Image: Old module with defunct items

It was with some dismay that I noticed, in the run up to Christmas, that many of my beautifully crafted Xmas articles were ruined.

Over half of the products were no longer available for sale.

They weren't going to make me any money this year, and their raggedly appearance was causing my profile discredit.

I'd penned those Wizzles twelve months before, in the full knowledge that we're writing for this time next year. Now that it WAS 'this time next year', I was smugly anticipating that I could sit back and just let the proceeds trickle in.

In some regards, I could. After all, the URL had a full year's maturity and that was good for search engine, and other sites linking in. But once people were here, they'd not find much to purchase. They'd hot-foot it out of there, with a bad impression associated with my name, and their shopping requirements unfulfilled.

A disaster in anybody's book. Not least Wizzley's.  Too much of that, and the whole site's ranking could decrease in certain search engines.

I fixed my Christmas articles in timely fashion, then moved on to others. Yep. This is going to be a growing problem, as time goes by.

But the alternative is the soul-destroying prospect of going through 600 articles, checking nearly 3000 product modules, and finding replacements for any that are gone. Otherwise your work really is wasted, and all that time has been for nothing.

So I'm not doing that. At least not all at once. But I am doing it in manageable, bite-sized pieces.

Image: Using Excel to Check Wizzley articles
Image: Using Excel to Check Wizzley articles

I'm going to tantrum like Scarlett O'Hara if you asked me to go through my entire Wizzley portfolio, in order to check every article.

But I'm quite prepared to check two in the Animal Hats subcategory. Then another three in Body Painting. I'll even stretch as far as nine in PC Troubleshooting in a single session.

You can get on a roll and do several sub-categories in one go, as I did on March 9th (in no way in order to have a solid chunk next to each other for the purpose of illustrating this article...).

It's not like every article will need fixing. The majority will have nothing wrong with them, hence you can whizz through them.

The best times to resolve to sort through a sub-category is when you've just written another article for it. Publish it, promote it, then ensure that all of its neighbors look perfect. Mark that sub-category as done on your list (I use an Excel spreadsheet for that), and forget about it for a few months to a year.

Alternatively, you could be systematic about it. Start with the first sub-category in your profile and work through to the end, doing one or two a day until the whole portfolio is cleared for public consumption.

Only don't try to do them all at once. In that way lies madness and the destruction of souls. We wouldn't want that, would we?

Books about Writing Online

A way to avoid blank sales modules is to add products as a search term, not add them in manually. Like I have below. But that means trusting Amazon to always list relevant stuff.

What's your Most Popular Article Ever on Wizzley?

Use Excel to discover which of your Wizzley articles received the most traffic in all the time you've been writing here.

It's not easy to find your most read Wizzley article from the statistics on 'My Pages'. You can sort by readership during the past week, month and 90 days, but then the ether follows all data.

We've whined to the Wizzley team about it to no avail. Largely because it doesn't really help you beyond the confidence boost. All time traffic might include a sudden spike, as the content was momentarily newsworthy, or it could describe something valuable in the past, but well out of date now.

The recent statistics, which are available, are much better guides in that respect.

However, the curious can still determine their most popular Wizzley articles by copying their data into Excel. Simply highlight the entire grid on 'My Pages', then paste them into a spreadsheet. Highlight column G, then click 'A-Z sort' by the largest to smallest figures.

Hey presto! Your Wizzley articles sorted in order of all time traffic.

Image: Jo Harrington's Top Ten Wizzley Articles
Image: Jo Harrington's Top Ten Wizzley Articles

My Top Three Articles on Wizzley

One of the greatest love stories of all times talks about Liu, who spent 50 years hand-carving 6000 steps up a mountain for his wife. Liu & Xu had to hide their love from society.
When the script called for a large extended family, Brendan O'Carroll cast a real world one - his own! Yet the relationships aren't quite what they are in 'Mrs Brown's Boys'.
Topic Torch is an annoying toolbar, which just appears without warning at the foot of your browser window. But this spyware is easy enough to remove.

My Wizzley Stats After 600 Pages

I reached this milestone on March 11th 2014, just under 27 months after first signing up with Wizzley.
Image: Jo Harrington's Wizzley Traffic on March 11th 2014
Image: Jo Harrington's Wizzley Traffic on March 11th 2014

I've been really impressed with my internet traffic on Wizzley just recently.

I'm attracting more readers right now, than I even was over Christmas. I would expect those figures to be dropping now that spring is on the way, but nope, they keep on rising.

I know that this isn't just me either. Alexa is recording the same boost site-wide, while other authors are also mentioning it on the Wizzley forum. And yes, this increased exposure is translating into higher earnings too.

Image: Commission from online writing
Image: Commission from online writing

Previously, my affiliate commission tumbled after the Halloween and Christmas bonanza. For the first time this year, that has not been the case. In fact, I made nearly as much in February, as I did in December.

It's certainly encouraging me to carry on!

My Wizzley Stats in Context

Image: Jo Harrington's Wizzley Statistics at 600 Pages
Image: Jo Harrington's Wizzley Statistics at 600 Pages
And because that's getting unwieldy to read, let's break it down for clarity:
Image: Page Impressions and Unique Visitors
Image: Page Impressions and Unique Visitors
Image: Readership by day, month and 3 months
Image: Readership by day, month and 3 months

I've broken the 1 million mark on page impressions!  That's the main thing that I'm bouncing around about over here.

The other is that, after a period when the internet appeared to be losing interest in my Wizzley pages, it's suddenly very much back. Those dips and rises may be indicative of trends across the site, but I'd beware reading them as such.

That high point around the 250 page mark includes a massive spike I had, after one of my articles hit the front page of Reddit. Those low points could equally be read as times when I wasn't writing quite so much here, as my time was taken up on other internet properties.

Either way, I'm definitely here for the duration. It's quite exciting to see where all of this is going!

Updated: 07/18/2014, JoHarrington
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JoHarrington on 05/30/2014

Thank you very much. :)

Guest on 05/30/2014

I will have a look when I have a) time to wallow in it and b) my house stops being a suck on my remaining time with Problems that Need Fixing Already. Three weeks and counting to submission guys. My back? Prayers? Good wishes? Hopes? Posivibes? Blessings? Whatever does it for you, think of me for the next three weeks and I'll be back when I can towards the end of June. THEN I can look at all your articles, Jo's and Mira's Zazzles and cmoney's Pinterests. Just to make sure I have missed nothing. My Zazzle store is nowhere and my ebay is barely breathing. My Wizzles are neglected and about the only writing I've done lately is for work or fiverr. Sorry Wizzley. I will be back, I promise.

Mira on 05/30/2014

My pleasure! I love how you're growing on Zazzle as an artist too. Good stuff! :-)

JoHarrington on 05/30/2014

I do hope so! I've just posted my first article about my Pagan handfasting stuff. :)

Oohh! I hadn't thought of that! Thanks for having my back. <3

Mira on 05/30/2014

Wow, you have all sorts of items! I think you have a good chance of making a living from your Zazzle products and referrals if you continue this way :)
By the way, I was going to mention that you should include all these stores in your Wizzography, too!

JoHarrington on 05/30/2014

And Mira, you've just prompted me to FINISH creating my profile there. Thanks!

JoHarrington on 05/30/2014

I'm well posh these days. I've even begun to create my profile! :)

The Celtic store was created earlier in the month, while OldWaysandAwen is barely two weeks old. The Write Word has had a facelift and the store you were looking for is Beautiful Britain.

Thank you very much for going to see them!

Mira on 05/30/2014

I'm going to and can't find you. Where are you?:)

Mira on 05/30/2014

Yes, I was wondering where you had gone. I'm off to see your new store :-)

JoHarrington on 05/29/2014

Yay for the PTL being within sight of the finishing line. As for the rest, *more preening and more blushing* Thank you both.

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